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Apache NiFi 0.5.0 发布下载,数据处理和分发系统

[日期:2016-02-19] 来源  作者:Linux [字体: ]

Apache NiFi 0.5.0 发布下载,Apache NiFi 是一个易于使用、功能强大而且可靠的数据处理和分发系统。Apache NiFi 是为数据流设计。它支持高度可配置的指示图的数据路由、转换和系统中介逻辑。



  • [NIFI-259] - Framework should offer Processors/extensions a way to manage simple state
  • [NIFI-1492] - UI - Limit returned component state entries for large state maps


  • [NIFI-45] - Bad error message on validation when controller service is invalid
  • [NIFI-937] - PutS3 Processor cannot upload files larger than 5 GB
  • [NIFI-1078] - ${now()} returns string dates instead of a number of milliseconds
  • [NIFI-1093] - ConvertJSONToSQL incorrectly detects required columns
  • [NIFI-1145] - Unit Tests timeout in some environments
  • [NIFI-1164] - Fix Race condition during initialization of ControllerServices
  • [NIFI-1166] - TestJdbcTypesH2 tests leave behind created directories
  • [NIFI-1183] - Failed to stop failing processor
  • [NIFI-1200] - FileSystemRepository saturates CPU when archive directories are empty
  • [NIFI-1223] - TestGetHTTP fails often attempting to delete content of conf directory
  • [NIFI-1255] - Evaluate JCE cryptography with PBE and limited strength cryptography
  • [NIFI-1283] - Documentation wrong for ControllerStatusReportingTask
  • [NIFI-1289] - Inconsistent bootstrapping of
  • [NIFI-1300] - PutJMS should fail flowfile on commit exception and penalize flowfiles routed to failure.
  • [NIFI-1311] - invokes sudo for even if it is the same as user executing
  • [NIFI-1313] - Unable to delete a ProcessGroup that contains nested ProcessGroup through the UI
  • [NIFI-1314] - Encrypt Content appears to live lock in certain configurations
  • [NIFI-1317] - StandardProcessorNode hides 'name' instance variable defined in AbstractConfiguredComponent
  • [NIFI-1319] - ExecuteSQL error when table uses unsigned int
  • [NIFI-1327] - Transitive SNAPSHOT dependency
  • [NIFI-1328] - PutSQL Error Inserting an integer to a Phoenix table
  • [NIFI-1333] - FlowController fails to shut down gracefully even though there is nothing going on in the flow
  • [NIFI-1339] - Framework calls onPropertyModified for each property each time NiFi is started
  • [NIFI-1343] - RouteText always ignores case
  • [NIFI-1346] - Content viewer using old attributes
  • [NIFI-1347] - Use explicit version reference and fix dependency reference
  • [NIFI-1354] - InvokeHTTP test certificates have expired
  • [NIFI-1363] - JS error in Provenance
  • [NIFI-1378] - GetJMSQueue throws NPE with invalid URL
  • [NIFI-1383] - Error on Copy / Paste
  • [NIFI-1385] - PGP missing keyring file test fails on Windows
  • [NIFI-1388] - GetMongo Documentation is wrong
  • [NIFI-1394] - Unit test creates resources in HOME directory
  • [NIFI-1396] - PostHttp will always use Chunked Encoding
  • [NIFI-1397] - Controller Service availibility resets
  • [NIFI-1400] - Controller Service sort by "Type" not working
  • [NIFI-1401] - Controller Service sort by State not working
  • [NIFI-1404] - Provenance Repository throws NPE on startup if it finds an empty Provenance Event file
  • [NIFI-1406] - PostHTTP does not report rate or bytes sent if not configured to send FlowFIles
  • [NIFI-1409] - ExecuteSQL gives transfer error when SQLException occurs with no input flowfile
  • [NIFI-1411] - TestJdbcTypesDerby: java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: TYPE 'DATETIME' does not exist
  • [NIFI-1412] - JdbcCommon.createSchema() throws exception when no columns are present
  • [NIFI-1414] - TailFile can cause Too Many Open Files if Rolling Filename Pattern used
  • [NIFI-1415] - FetchSFTP should not require password or private key passphrase
  • [NIFI-1416] - FetchSFTP sets filename attribute to whatever the "Remote File" property was, even if it has directory names in it
  • [NIFI-1417] - PutSolrContentStream failing to stop
  • [NIFI-1421] - SplitXML produces invalid XML for source containing namespace declarations
  • [NIFI-1429] - Unable to disable a referencing Controller Service
  • [NIFI-1433] - Provenance Repository indicates that it cannot merge journal files due to FileNotFound
  • [NIFI-1435] - Unable to Add Dynamic Properties to Reporting Tasks
  • [NIFI-1436] - Intermittent Failure of TestListenSyslog
  • [NIFI-1447] - Improve exception logging for Processors
  • [NIFI-1454] - Built RPMs Do Not Result in Working NiFi Installation
  • [NIFI-1456] - TestExecuteStreamCommand.testExecuteIngestAndUpdate() using excessively large input
  • [NIFI-1457] - Excessive bulletins and logging when primary node is revoked by NCM.
  • [NIFI-1461] - RPM should create nifi user and give it access to the /opt/nifi and subdirectories
  • [NIFI-1463] - Alert users about potentially unsafe password and algorithm combinations when using PBE
  • [NIFI-1482] - DeveloperGuide :: Controller Service is using wrong method name
  • [NIFI-1483] - ListFile warns of unable to delete old state when there was none
  • [NIFI-1484] - ListFile holds unbounded list of files with matching time stamps
  • [NIFI-1486] - Fix NOTICE in nifi-amqp-nar
  • [NIFI-1493] - InvokeScriptedProcessor should not create an instance of Executor until its actually used
  • [NIFI-1496] - State Manager documentation link wrong
  • [NIFI-1499] - Universal keystroke capture not available for UI extensions
  • [NIFI-1507] - Update bouncycastle license reference
  • Improvement

  • [NIFI-1007] - Improve Stats Configuration Documentation
  • [NIFI-1193] - Add Hive support to Kite storage processor
  • [NIFI-1212] - Text/csv content viewer
  • [NIFI-1219] - Add embedded version of Kafka to facilitate better testing
  • [NIFI-1257] - Provide additional KDFs for EncryptContent
  • [NIFI-1258] - Add getDelimitedField method to Expression Language
  • [NIFI-1259] - Provide keyed symmetric encryption capability
  • [NIFI-1273] - Add support for RELP in ListenSyslog
  • [NIFI-1291] - Create utility library based on BinFiles
  • [NIFI-1316] - Allow DetectDuplicate to only detect and not cache
  • [NIFI-1325] - Enhance AWS S3 fetch to access bucket across accounts
  • [NIFI-1338] - InvokeHTTP Documentation implies that only attributes are handled not flowfile content
  • [NIFI-1358] - Enable expression language support for "xxxS3Object" SECRET_KEY and ACCESS_KEY properties
  • [NIFI-1360] - Add expression language support for "MergeContent" "Correlation Attribute Field" property
  • [NIFI-1361] - Expose the Content-Type used for Invoke/PostHTTP
  • [NIFI-1362] - Set mime.type attribute based on InvokeHTTP response Content-Type
  • [NIFI-1374] - need to better document Java 7 class and codecache limitation in Admin Guide
  • [NIFI-1376] - Provide access to logged messages from TestRunner
  • [NIFI-1381] - PutJMS prefixes all prov events with "jms://" regardless of URL supplied
  • [NIFI-1393] - PostHTTP does not apply compression level unless configured to send FlowFIles
  • [NIFI-1402] - in Controller Services settings, allow sorting by bulletins
  • [NIFI-1405] - InvokeHttp always uses Chunked Encoding for POST/PUT calls
  • [NIFI-1423] - InvokeHTTP ability to penalize on No Retry
  • [NIFI-1426] - Allow backspace to delete selected components on the canvas
  • [NIFI-1428] - Allow linking from Queue Listing to Provenance
  • [NIFI-1431] - GetHTTP docs should explain Etag/LastMod support
  • [NIFI-1460] - Test Performance improvement. Test Timeout Mitigation.
  • [NIFI-1479] - Catch PKIX CertPathValidatorException and provide better error messaging

New Feature

  • [NIFI-108] - DFM should be allowed to inspect/interact with FlowFiles on a Connection
  • [NIFI-210] - Support processor implementation across several programming languages
  • [NIFI-865] - Add processors to Get and Put to/from AMQP-based messaging systems
  • [NIFI-987] - Add Processor for Writing Events to Riemann
  • [NIFI-1107] - Add multipart upload support to PutS3Object
  • [NIFI-1156] - HTML Parsing Processors Bundle
  • [NIFI-1275] - Add processor(s) support for Elasticsearch
  • [NIFI-1356] - Create Avro Schema by inferring CSV and JSON data
  • [NIFI-1365] - Support Groovy unit tests
  • [NIFI-1382] - Create GetDistributedMapCache Processor


  • [NIFI-569] - Isolate integration level tests from unit tests
  • [NIFI-923] - Upgrade to Spring 4.2.1.RELEASE
  • [NIFI-1218] - Upgrade Kafka modules to the latest Kafka release (0.9.0)
  • [NIFI-1233] - Upgrade to Kafka 0.9
  • [NIFI-1235] - Add description of how to bend connections to User Guide
  • [NIFI-1324] - Upgrade to correct version of BouncyCastle
  • [NIFI-1335] - Make UnpackContent recognize tar mime type from DetectMimeType
  • [NIFI-1379] - Perform Release Management Functions for 0.5.0
  • [NIFI-1445] - Update documentation to reflect supported browsers
  • [NIFI-1485] - Update copyright year to 2016 where appropriate

NiFi Architecture Diagram

Apache NiFi 的详细介绍请点这里
Apache NiFi 的下载地址请点这里


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